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Used OEM Window Motor & Regulator Parts

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A window motor is a reversible electric motor powered by a switch. It is usually installed inside the door panel behind the trim. By pressing the window switch, an electric current is sent to the window motor. This activates the connected window regulator which  is responsible for raising and lowering the car window.

A window motor cannot work without a window regulator. This part comes in different designs.

A scissor-type window regulator looks like a typical pair of scissors. One of the main arms is connected to the window carriage while the other is connected to a large plate with gear teeth. A secondary arm is placed right across the main arm. This mechanism works to push the glass window up or down.

A cable-driven regulator, on the other hand, is more compact. It looks like a piece of metal track but actually has more intricate parts in it. The right design for your vehicle will depend on the motor and glass window installed.

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