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The steering pump, also called vane pump, is a system driven by the movement of the crankshaft by means of pulley and belt. It has the function of pushing the oil through the pipes up to the power steering system, in which there is a reservoir that, during the steering, introduces the oil into a piston which acts as a lever on the steering.

The pump connects to the engine through a drive belt. When the engine runs, the belt transmits the energy to a rotary in the power steering pump.

As the rotary spins, it forces power steering fluid to travel through the pump. The pumped liquid gets injected back into the power steering system under high pressure.

Power steering reduces the physical exertion required to turn steering wheels and the vehicles they control. Drivers can get even the biggest, heaviest vehicles to make sharp turns with ease instead of having to wrestle with the wheel in cars with manual steering.

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